A Tesla in ATV world! Patent pending. Oh yeah!
Catapilla e-ATV. Solves your leisure and business activities. Have serious fun with one of the most safest e-ATV in the world

What you see is an early prototype made from mortar and bricks to prove it can do the work it was designed. The actual look of the vehicle that we sell on the market will be different

Invest early or stay updated to know when the production begins. Contact us below ↓↓↓
Investors Relations

Don't miss a once-in-a-life opportunity to invest early into the next Tesla. We aim to disrupt a $12B ATV market and shape the future extraterrestrial planet exploration industry.

We are a self-funded company on the seed-stage. WE built a few garage-like concepts since 2019. Their existence proves - the vehicle can drive the way it was designed.

The vehicle meets high ecological standards and is demanded in different areas, including agriculture, leisure, travel & entertainment, search and rescue and many others.

Contact us to learn more about the vehicle, market and your opportunity to earn more with us.

Write email today to Yuriy, a co-founder of Catapilla at yuriy@highspeedatv.com
No matter what type the ground or obstacle is
You just continue maintaining the same high speed without the fear to be injured or worse. The speed is really matter when we talk about someone's life that are in danger and you have to be there as fast as possible
Technical specification for Catapilla

Hardy: active driving for up to 6 hours

Furious: up to 65 mph (~ 90 kmh)

Lightweight: around 260 pounds (~ 120 kg)

Peaceful and silent: up to 60 dB (like a regular conversation) it makes no signifacant noise that scares animals

Muscular: a 10 kWt/h battery. It can also carry up to two persons

Snacky: recharges in up to 1 hour *

Want to learn more? Or even have one for your unique needs? Contact sales team info@highspeedatv.com

* comparing to analogue batteries
** the actual look of the produced device may differ from the prototype you see on the demo video
No furrows and tracks from the wheels on the ground
Catapillla is a lightweight and fun device. When it comes to ecology it's very serious about it: it doesn't hurt the ground. Compare to non-eco-friendly old fashioned ATVs, destroying permafrost, bushes and forests tracks
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